Federal Acquisition Training Support

The federal acquisition workforce is an essential ingredient to success in the mission of government management. As procurement becomes an increasingly central part of the government’s overall activities, a workforce is needed that is qualified in the procurement reforms of the last decade. Our goal is to assist our federal government clients in achieving their acquisition and program goals through specialized training to focus on delivering this need. SGC works with our partners to deliver high-quality, affordable training programs to ensure that requirements development, program management, performance-based acquisition, and contracting are an integrated package of training delivery to help create the 21st century acquisition workforce.

Creating Performance:
The Key to Successful Training Programs

Although acquisition workforce training has been a primary focus of current acquisition reform initiatives, there is much room for improvement. Specifically, areas for improvement include identifying the skill sets and competencies needed to accomplish the acquisition mission and using metrics to determine how the training program is meeting training objectives.

Our approach is to develop or refine course materials to address the specific needs of our target audience, and then provide an instructor-led course which focuses on defining the requirements for, and monitoring, the focus of the required training. We do not want to simply provide training, deliver binders and materials that never get used again, and continue more of the same. We want to deliver enduring results by creating a plan to monitor and develop common sense metrics to effectively create change and improvements to performance. Training can only go so far, it is the execution of what was learned that ultimately leads to results.

SGC service offerings in supporting federal acquisition training and certification programs:

  • Contracting (FAC-C)
  • Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM and PMP®)
  • Contracting Officer Representative (FAC-COR)
  • Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA)

Customized Training

SGC can also work with our clients to create a customized training program based on the specific needs of the organization and its workforce.

This process for learning can be based on the day-to-day challenges the workforce are experiencing, combined with real-world examples and exercises to transfer of knowledge and offers an improved environment for learning reinforcement.

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