The federal acquisition workforce is an essential ingredient to success in the mission of government management. As procurement becomes an increasingly central part of the government’s overall activities, a workforce is needed that is qualified in the procurement reforms of the last decade. Our goal is to assist our federal government clients in achieving their acquisition and program goals through specialized training to focus on delivering this need. SGC works with our partners to deliver high-quality, affordable training programs to ensure that requirements development, program management, performance-based acquisition, and contracting are an integrated package of training delivery to help create the 21st century acquisition workforce.

Federal Acquisition Training

We offer courses in acquisition, contracting, project management, in addition to helping government contractors do business with the federal government.

Our courses are in the following areas:


Our courses support acquisition workforce personnel who need to meet mandatory training requirements of FAC programs and DAWIA. We offer a broad range of courses that can fulfill elective or continuous learning requirements for maintaining or getting certification, so you can take the foundation learning and applying the principles and education into on the job performance.

Project Management Training

Organizations that have personnel trained in project management are more efficient and better equipped for the challenges of the constantly evolving business environment than those that don't. Even if your organization's established processes have been refined over the years, it's up to your employees to follow and further improve them. Our training programs help you manage the world of federal government contracting, and improve government management.

Federal Business Development

We offer industry clients with in-depth federal acquisition and strategic government marketing training to help clients develop their business development skills. Our seasoned experts bring a track record of success to help clients capture and expand federal government business portfolios.


Human Capital Programs Drive Change

Our goal is to help agencies be better buyers. In order to provide agencies with the goods and services that they need to accomplish their missions at the best value to taxpayers, we help the Federal Government create the talented and trained individuals who can plan, manage, and oversee acquisitions. These initiatives also help the Federal Government’s acquisition workforce to play a critical role promoting efficient spending and building the right supplier relationships. In this constrained fiscal environment, SGC is helping these individuals make an even bigger impact by developing better requirements, saving money, and incorporating innovative acquisition strategies to achieve better acquisition outcomes.

Understanding the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

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