Business to Government Support

SGC can help your business compete successfully in the government marketplace. We can become the bridge between government buyers and suppliers, leveraging our knowledge of both government contracting and the capabilities of contractors to maximize fast, reliable goods and services to government.

Your Trusted B2G Partner

What is B2G? Simply put, it is marketing products and services to Government, at all levels including federal, state and local. Successful strategies and activities include strategic public relations, branding, advertising, and web-based communications.

B2G is more than just responding to RFPs, getting a GSA Schedule, or successful applying to and participating in the 8(a) program and assuming contracts will start rolling in. It is more about relationship management, and building those opportunities that can set up your firm to be successful.

We understand the difficulties and challenges commercial firms experience, especially small businesses, in trying to build Government business. Let us help you understand the complexities and wonderful opportunities that lay ahead for your firm to succeed and prosper.

Our strategic alliances with our partners and vendors allow SGC to provide a vast array of services in the B2G arena which include:

  • Defining the scope of government market
  • Laying the groundwork for your entry into the market
  • Understanding the FAR and other laws
  • Marketing analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Pipeline development
  • Analyzing your organization
  • GSA Schedule consulting
  • 8(a) program support
  • Proposal development
  • Funding your future
  • Action plans