What We Do

Whether you are a government client developing an acquisition strategy or a small business marketing to Federal entities, our commitment is to educate you about the process and help you succeed. We pride ourselves in the specialized, focused approach we take to ensuring our customers have a personalized experience they can not find elsewhere. We will not provide "canned" solutions that add little value other than boilerplate information, but will create sound contract management and federal marketing principles and products to ensure consistency with applicable regulations and best practices.

Business to Government

SGC can help your business compete successfully in the government marketplace. We can become the bridge between government buyers and suppliers, leveraging our knowledge of both government contracting and the capabilities of contractors to maximize fast, reliable goods and services to government.

Federal Acquisition Training

The federal acquisition workforce is an essential ingredient to success in the mission of government management. We help create a workforce needed that is qualitatively and quantitatively adapted to execute procurement reforms of the last decade and to meet the needs of the 21st century, for both industry and government.

Contracting Support

Our focus is to assist our federal government clients in achieving their acquisition and program goals. SGC acquisition professionals are experts at procuring goods and services with sound management processes to ensure successful outcomes, following prescribed policies and regulations such as the FAR and the DFARS.