Contract Management 101: Document, Document, Document

Documents.jpgWas reading a report that reminded me of a situation involving a contentious business relationship between an agency I was supporting at the time, and their contractor.

The importance of maintaining complete, current and orderly files cannot be overemphasized for both contractors and the government. As a matter of practice, when you hold discussions or conduct business with contractors or federal counterparts, and especially for federal personnel, you should prepare a Memorandum for Record (MFR), or other standardized records of meetings, trips, and telephone conversations relating to the contract. Save all emails in a folder for easier retrieval and archiving.

The agency I was supporting had a hard time justifying their negative actions against the contractor, even though the performance of the contractor was awful, and expensive.

Good documentation could have prevented this.

There is an old saying in contracting about file documentation “if it’s not documented, it never happened.”

You can guess what happened in the end…

Here is a simple template that you can download and use in your contract files:

MFR Template

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