What We Do

SGC provides expertise and guidance in the application of innovative techniques, combined with a solid foundation of government operations and management, to help our clients plan, acquire, implement, and manage their most critical programs and leverage opportunities to grow. These services range from procurement planning and contract management, to helping small businesses understand the complexities of doing business with the world’s largest buyer: the U.S. Federal Government. Our professional service portfolio allows us to leverage our vast knowledge of government contracting to aid organizations in navigating today’s challenging federal business environment.

Our Value

The rapid pace of acquisition reform, combined with demands for budget cutbacks, has created an environment where the status quo is simply unacceptable given the fiscal pressures and risks associated with managing government programs. Now more than ever, federal managers need experienced, proven guidance to help them understand effective procurement policy and techniques to rapidly deliver services to their customers. Without such expertise, program officials can become overwhelmed by the expanding requirements for accountability, and may experience difficulties in effectively procuring and managing their programs while meeting new and increasing demands on existing resources. Our service delivery model helps alleviate the burden to help our clients’ achieve their unique objectives. By tailoring our delivery solutions to our clients, we can maximize our clients’ resources and allow them to focus on their mission, whether it is keeping the nation secure or expanding services to citizens. We are not interested in “butts in seats” engagements, but rather work with our federal clients to deliver value and opportunities for acquisition and contract management excellence. For commercial clients, and specifically small businesses, an enormous of amount of information, and misinformation, exists regarding effectively doing business with government. SGC strives to be a bridge between the buyers and suppliers, bringing to bear our knowledge of both government contracting and the capabilities of contractors to help small businesses market themselves to maximize fast, reliable service to the government with better quality and at lower costs.

Why Chose SGC?

So what is it that makes us different? For starters, we want to listen to your needs and work together to find solutions that matter. We are not a firm that has acquisition management as an added service as a “nice to have” because we perform other work for our clients; it is our focus. We are not an IT company, nor a company that has diversified its service portfolio to take advantage of capability gaps at federal agencies due to manpower shortages in the workforce.

This is what we do, and we do it well.

Too often firms provide little value to their clients and expect different results through canned and obsolete delivery models because they are not experts in this field. Our focused, mission-oriented delivery model helps our clients take a strategic, comprehensive approach to meeting business objectives. We have vast experience working on programs of varying size and scope, with a strong understanding of federal policy and regulatory mandates, in addition to expertise in government management and federal acquisition. Our approach to supporting our clients is based on integrity, trust, and realistic strategies that provide results. Organizations choose SGC when faced with extremely complex, difficult programs that have a high degree of visibility, or when expert advice is needed to achieve success in short time frames.

About Us

Seville Government Consulting (SGC) is a veteran and minority owned small business providing federal acquisition, program management, federal acquisition training, and Business to Government (B2G) services to federal clients and commercial entities. Based in Washington, D.C., SGC is a full-service, solution-oriented firm with a track record of delivering superior services and results to government and private industry, with a particular focus on servicing small businesses. We are not interested in “butts in seats” engagements, but rather work with our federal and commercial clients to deliver value and opportunities for acquisition and contract management excellence. 

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